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The Not So Secret Beach and Beyond

Exploring the route from Keel Point to the secret beach and then returning to Newcastle County Down offers a delightful adventure along the Northern Irish coastline. Here's a virtual guide to your scenic walk:

### Keel Point to Secret Beach Walk: A Coastal Odyssey

Starting Point: Keel Point

1. Keel Point Overview: Begin your journey at Keel Point, taking in the stunning views of the Irish Sea and the rugged coastline. Keel Point is known for its dramatic cliffs and is an ideal starting point for your coastal walk.

2. Follow the Coastal Path: Head northwest along the coastal path, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings. The path may lead you through grassy fields and offer glimpses of local wildlife.

3. Ballykinler Beach: En-route, you might encounter Ballykinler Beach, a serene spot to pause, relax, and enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the waves. The expansive views of the sea and the Mourne Mountains add to the tranquillity.

4. Continue Toward the Secret Beach: As you venture farther, keep an eye out for any hidden paths or signs that lead to the secret beach. This hidden gem is often secluded, offering a more private and intimate experience.

5. Secret Beach Discovery: Arriving at the secret beach, revel in the sense of discovery. The secluded cove, with its soft sands and azure waters, provides an idyllic setting for a rest or perhaps a picnic. Take time to absorb the peaceful ambiance and relish the secluded beauty.

6. Cliffside Views: Some routes might take you along the cliffside, offering breath-taking panoramic views. Exercise caution and stay on designated paths, respecting the natural environment.

Returning to Newcastle County Down

1. Back Along the Coastal Path: To return to Newcastle, retrace your steps along the coastal path. The scenery may appear different when viewed from a different perspective, providing fresh angles and photo opportunities.

2. Keel Point Revisited: Arriving back at Keel Point, reflect on the day's exploration. If time permits, consider exploring the nearby attractions, such as the historic Keel Point Martello Tower.

3. Optional Detours: Depending on your energy and time, you may choose to make detours or explore additional areas, such as nearby villages, landmarks, or natural features.

4. Arrival in Newcastle: Conclude your walk back in Newcastle, where you can enjoy a well-deserved meal in one of the local eateries or simply unwind in the charming town.

### Tips for the Journey:

- Wear comfortable walking shoes suitable for varied terrain.

- Pack essentials like water, snacks, and weather-appropriate clothing.

- Respect nature and adhere to any local guidelines for responsible hiking.

- Check tide times if your route includes beaches or coastal areas.

This coastal journey from Keel Point to the secret beach and back to Newcastle County Down promises a memorable blend of nature, exploration, and tranquility.

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